Mercantile on Main is all about art, antiques, and vintage items. We carry a wide variety of light fixtures, vintage furniture, collectibles, advertising, upcycled art, and vintage + retro style fashions. Some of our favorite styles include art deco and modernism.

We do not do appraisals. We do not sell on consignment. If you feel you might have something we would be interested in buying, we are always willing to hear about it. You may e-mail us photos, a description, and asking price to 


The last storefront Pam Michel owned was Antiqurie on Broadway in the 1980s. She has been in the antique business for 26 years, including the renovation of antique lights in the former Bass Mansion, now called Brookside, at the University of Saint Francis. (Source)

After running business from home for several years, Pam and Bob became interested in a property they passed frequently. An idea came to life as the Michel's saw potential in a dilapidated house on Main Street. The house was built in the 1880's. In a more recent time it was converted into a duplex. It remained abandoned for some time before Pam & Bob purchased it from the county on back taxes in 2009. 

Restoration on the property began immediately. Extensive structural damage was constantly unearthed, and the project dragged on longer than expected. After four years of laboring over 1753, the house was ready to be shown off. In June of 2013, the Mercantile on Main house was featured in the ARCH home tour of the Nebraska Neighborhood. To read more about the feature on the home tour, click here for an article by Heather Detzner of the News Sentinel. 

In 2012 Pam & Bob acquired what the believe to be a train depot from ARCH. The depot had been located off of Wayne Trace Avenue before it was moved to Old Fort Supply. It rested there until the summer of 2013. The roof was removed and the depot was transported to the lot next to Mercantile. Bob and his team on contractors secured a foundation for the building and proceeded to build a new roof, for the one that was removed had significant damage from a fire. The building has been patched up for the winter, and restoration efforts began in 2014. The plans for the building include making it an extension of Mercantile, housing large furniture and architectural pieces. As of Fall 2016, the exterior restoration is nearly complete. 

To read our Journal Gazette feature on the train depot, click here. Have any information on the history of our depot? E-mail us at

Updated October 2016: Windows restored and installed, front and West Side nearly complete!

Updated October 2016: Windows restored and installed, front and West Side nearly complete!